History Of

Twins Restaurant

Twins Restaurant & Catering

in Erie

When Millcreek wasn’t much more than farmland and a smattering of homes, this building was originally home to the Two K’s Bar & Grill.  Bennets car wash next door was an old fashioned motel, which housed many of Erie’s summer vacationers.  In front of Twins (where the sign currently is), there used to be a cage that housed 2 monkeys.  Tourists and vacationers came from all over to stop at Two K’s to see the monkeys.  Many went across the street to Arts Bakery (which was then a small grocery store) to buy some bananas to feed the monkeys.  (Now you know why Arts, to this day, still makes sure that they carry bananas).  In 1972 the original twins Ron & Rich Peterson bought Two-K’s and they changed the name to Twins Restaurant & Catering.  Before long it was known as one of THE best restaurants in Erie for great food and fun.  A tradition which continues to this day.

When Ron & Rich Peterson decided to retire they made sure that the business was passed on to someone that would continue the tradition of Twins.  In 1999 Jeff & Sue Norris purchased Twins and have continued the tradition of great food and have expanded their catering services.

We are often asked how our chicken is so good.  Although we can't tell you ALL the secrets, we can tell you about our process.  First and foremost we make sure we buy the freshest and highest quality chicken possible.  We then marinate our chicken in a special marinade for precisely 8 hours which imparts a subtle flavoring and draws out all the impurities.  We then lightly coat our chicken  in a secret seasoning, not a heavy breading.  It is then pressure cooked, not open fried.  This seals in the NATURAL chicken flavor and is the reason our chicken is always juicy, NEVER greasy.